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Council meetings are held monthly [except in June & August] in Down St Mary Village Hall to discuss local issues such as: 

  • Setting the annual precept
  • Planning Applications
  • Maintaining the Village Green and Bus Shelter
  • Authorising expenditure

Members of the public are welcome to attend and can raise issues with the council through the Chairman or Clerk.


Meetings Agendas & Minutes

All agendas and minutes from Parish Council meetings are available to view by year in descending order as follows:

The Minutes of the Annual Meeting at which the Chairman is elected are separate at the end of the page. 


Date Agenda Minutes
Tuesday 9th March at 8pm Agenda   Minutes
Tuesday 11th May at 8pm Agenda  Minutes
Tuesday 13th July at 8pm Agenda  Minutes
Tuesday 10th August at 8pm Agenda  Minutes
Tuesday 21st September at 8pm Agenda  Minutes
Tuesday 12th October at 8pm Agenda   
Tuesday 9th November at 8pm Agenda  


A list of scheduled meetings is available here: 

Date Agenda Minutes
 Tuesday 14th January at 8pm Agenda Minutes 
 Tuesday 11th February at 8pm Agenda  Minutes 
 Tuesday 10th March at 8pm Agenda Minutes
 Tuesday 14th April - Cancelled

Clerk's Report

Tuesday 12th May Clerk's Report  
Tuesday 9th June Clerk's Report  
Tuesday 14th July Clerk's Report  
Tuesday 11th August Agenda Minutes



A list of scheduled meetings is available here:


Date Agenda Minutes
Tuesday 8th January 8pm  Agenda  Minutes
Tuesday 12th February 8pm  Agenda  Minutes
 Tuesday 12th March 8pm  Agenda  Minutes 
 Tuesday 9th April 8pm  Agenda  Minutes
Wednesday 15th May 7:30pm  Agenda  Minutes
Tuesday 9th July 8pm  Agenda  Minutes
Monday 9th September 8pm  Agenda  Minutes
Tuesday 8th October 8pm  Agenda  Minutes
Tuesday 12th November 8pm  Agenda  Minutes
Tuesday 10th December 8pm  Agenda  Minutes


A list of scheduled meetings is available here

Date Agenda Minutes
 Tuesday 9th January 8pm  Agenda


 Tuesday 13th February 8pm  Agenda


 Tuesday 13th March 8pm  Agenda


 Tuesday 10th April 8pm  Agenda


 Tuesday 8th May 8pm  Agenda


 Tuesday 10th July 8pm


 Tuesday 11th September 8pm 


 Tuesday 9th October 8pm


 Tuesday 13th November 8pm


 Tuesday 11th December 8pm





10th January

14th February

14th March

9th May

13th June

25th July

12th September

10th October

14th November

12th December

2016 Minutes

Tuesday 12th January

Tuesday 9th February

Tuesday 8th March

Tuesday 12th April

Tuesday 10th May

Tuesday 14th June

Tuesday 11th October

Tuesday 8th November

Tuesday 13th December


2015 Minutes

Tuesday 13th January

Tuesday 10th February

Tuesday 14th April

Tuesday 12th May

Tuesday 9th June

Tuesday 8th September

Tuesday 13th October

Tuesday 10th November

Tuesday 8th December


Minutes for 2014

Tuesday 14th January

Tuesday 11th February

Tuesday 11th March

Tuesday 8th April

Tuesday 13th May

Tuesday 10th June

Tuesday 8th July

Tuesday 12th August

Tuesday 9th September

Tuesday 14th October

Tuesday 11th November




2019  Wednesday 15th May 2019 Annual Parish Meeting & Annual Meeting of Parish Council