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The Parish Plan aims to bring together the views, needs and opinions of the whole community, covering the social, economic and environmental issues of relevance to parishioners and the  local community.

The 2016 parish plan can be viewed here and the appendix here 

The previous Parish Plan was completed in 2008 and can be viewed here

The Parish Plan was put together by the Development Group which is made up of representatives from the Parish Council and various organisations within the community including the Recreation Ground, the Village Hall, the Church, the School, the Youth group,  Community Support Group and district and county councillors

The questionnaire was designed following a Parish Consultation event held in October 2014  where parishioners were encouraged to give their views on parish issues.  All suggestions were considered and where possible they were included in the questionnaire designed by the Development Group.

The questionnaire was hand delivered and collected from all homes within the Parish in June 2014. 

The Parish Plan has informed Council actions and direction.  All the action points have been considered, some have been achieved and some are still being worked on