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Village Green - the edges and either side of the path down the middle will be planted as a wildflower meadow in order to help with biodiversity and pollination. 


The Parish Council is supporting the Citizens forum taking place on Saturday 2 April 2022 in the Parish Hall


Devon Climate Citizen’s Assembly report has just been published identifying key actions to be incorporated into the Devon Carbon Plan. 

Three topics were identified in the public consultation on the Interim Devon Carbon Plan which was put to the Assembly (of 70 people) for consideration:
1. What should be the role of onshore wind in the Devon Renewable Energy
2. What should be done to encourage less car use within Devon?
3. What would be the best ways of encouraging, or requiring, people to retrofit
their homes, properties or business premises to reduce carbon emissions?

The full report is available to read here:

An executive summary is available here:


The Parish Council has added its signature to Devon County Councils Climate Emergency Declaration.  At the July Parish Council meeting a Climate Emergency policy was agreed.  A Climate Emergency Officer has been appointed to work with Parish Council to look at what we can do to:

a) Improve our environment

b) Reduce C02

c) Get the community ready for climate change

We are planning a workshop for Councillors run by Mid Devon to help us decide on what we can do.

To view the Devon County Councils web page on Climate Emergency, click here 

To view the PC's Policy click here

To view a checklist to help assess planning applications click here

Do you have any ideas and suggestions for actions that could be taken?  Please let the Parish Clerk know