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At the May 2022 Parish Council Meeting, terms of reference for the Steering Group were agreed and these can be viewed here

Notes from the meeting on 20 April 2022 can be viewed here

April 2022

12 parishioners have signed up to join the Steering Committee.  The first meeting will take place on 20 April - more details to follow

February 2022

The Annual Parish Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 6 April will concentrate on Neighbourhood planning.  There will be the opportunity to sign up to the Steering Committee

January 2022


The Parish Council has decided to start work on preparing a Neighbourhood Plan.

The first stage in the process was to get agreement from Mid Devon District Council and this has now been received.

Eventually, the final Plan will be put to all residents in a referendum.

Once adopted, and agreed by Mid Devon District Council, the Neighbourhood Plan will help to shape the future of our village.


Housing Needs Questionnaire

Mid Devon District Council, in conjunction with Devon Communities Together, are organising and financing a Housing Needs Questionnaire, to determine what, if any, social housing is required within Newton St Cyres.

This questionnaire will be sent to all households shortly and the results carefully analysed by Devon Communities Together.

The form may be completed on line or returned in the Reply-Paid envelope included with the Questionnaire.


Starting on the Neighbourhood Plan

To progress the Neighbourhood Plan, the Parish Council will need to set up a Steering Group, comprised of local volunteers.

The Steering Group will be independent of the Parish Council, and will be able to call upon the services of a qualified and experienced Independent Neighbourhood Plan Consultant.

The Consultant will help the Steering Group through the various stages that will lead to a successful Neighbourhood Plan.


Volunteering to be on the Steering Group

A meeting will be held in the Village Hall in a few months’ time so that villagers can be updated on the progress made regarding the Housing Needs Survey and volunteers can come forward to form the Steering Group.

It is important to note that all of the costs involved in the process will be covered by Grants that are available to help communities to have more of a say in their future development.



Planning the future for Newton St Cyres

The process begins with a blank canvas. There is no presumption of how many, or how few, new dwellings are required to make our village a good place to live.

The Steering Group will be led by the feedback received from residents.

To make the Steering Group representative it should include residents from all walks of life.

No-one will be excluded. Landowners, who may benefit from more housing, will be welcome. Those looking for lower cost starter homes to remain in the village, will be welcome. Those who wish to protect a peaceful environment, will be welcome.


Finally, please feel free to write in to the Parish Council, or to the Newton Wonder, to express your views.

The consultation process has begun.



Jim Enright, Chairman, Newton St Cyres Parish Council



November 2021

Newton St Cyres Neighbourhood Area Consultation

Mid Devon District Council has received an application from Newton St Cyres Parish Council to designate the parish area for the Neighbourhood Plan. A Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led framework for guiding the future development and growth within a Neighbourhood Area.

The Parish Council’s application and a map of the proposed area can be viewed at Newton St Cyres Neighbourhood Plan - MIDDEVON.GOV.UK and at the Council Offices, Phoenix House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton, EX16 6PP.

To view a map of the proposed area click Map

Comments are invited about the suitability of the Parish Council’s proposed neighbourhood area boundary, by email to or by post/delivery to Forward Planning, Mid Devon District Council, Phoenix House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton, EX16 6PP.  All representations must include the sender’s full name and postal address or they will not be registered.  The deadline for representations is 29 November 2021.