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Newton St Cyres – Broadband and Internet Service

Update July 2021: Cllr J Enright attended a meeting with Airband who were aiming to connect most, but not all houses, to Superfast Broadband by 2024.  There was no further action that the Parish Council could take at this time to speed up the delivery.  The voucher scheme is no longer in operation.  No questionnaire will be sent at this time.

Update:  The proposed paper questionnaire has been put on hold while we make enquiries with Airband who have been awarded a contract to supply this area.


The Parish Council is considering sending out a questionnaire to all residents to seek views on whether or not they are happy with the broadband and internet services currently received at home.

However, as a starting point, it would greatly help us if you would fill in a short questionnaire on line.

To get faster broadband the copper wire that leads to your home telephone may need to be upgraded to a fibre optic cable.  This could then provide you with far better digital communications, possibly opening up many more digital services for you and your family. This could include facilities such as online teaching for school children upstairs, whist parents simultaneously stream and watch an online video downstairs.

For those currently with a poor internet service the Government is offering to help contribute towards the installation of fibre optic cable by offering a subsidy of £1,500 per property, increasing to £3,500 for business premises.  Whether or not this will cover the full cost may very well depend on the current service level and the number of households and businesses who register an interest in this project.

Hence, the more responses the Parish Council gets to our questionnaire, the more likely that faster broadband could be made available to our community.

Please click on this link to complete the questionnaire

The parish council will publish the results of this initial survey and keep the community well informed before moving on to the next step

Please also help us to get to more residents by copying and emailing this link to your friends, colleagues and community groups within the village.

If the response enables the Parish Council to justify going ahead with this project then we will liaise with other local Parishes to find out if working together could give us even greater purchasing power.

Regards, Jim Enright, Chairman, NSC Parish Council