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Annually the council considers it's budget requirements for the following council financial year.

The current budget can be reviewed in the minutes.




 Fin Yr Ending:- 31/03/25 31/03/24 31/03/23


Budget Budget Budget



 Notice of Rights

   Notice Notice
 Annual Internal Audit Report    Report Report
 Receipts & Payment Accounts    Accounts  Accounts
Bank Reconciliation    Rec.  Rec.
 Reportable Variances    Variances Variances
 Annual Governance Statement    Statement Statement
 Unaudited Accounting Statement    Statement Statement
 Asset Register    Register  Register
Risk Assessment   RA  RA
 Notice of Conclusion of Audit      Certificate
 Charitable Trust 301018      



Annual Grants for parish groups

Applications are invited annually, requirements outlined in the policy Grants

Council's Policies are laid down in a number of documents, some of the more prominent ones are available here.  The process of policy development is on-going as new issues are debated and ideas formulated during council meetings and decisions made which are then recorded in the council minutes available under the Meetings page of the web site.

Committee(s) Terms of Reference

Finance & General Purposes (Amended 210506/5.1) 

Policy Documents

Standing Orders (Reviewed 17/11/22 221117/8.1)

Standing Orders (Remote Meetings Addendum) (Ratified 210506/12.4)

Financial Regulations (Reviewed 07/01/21 210107/7.5)

Privacy Statement (Issued 15/11/18)

Statement of Internal Control (Reviewed 17/11/22 221117/8.2)

Anti Fraud & Corruption Policy (Reviewed 17/11/22 221117/8.3)

Risk Management Scheme/Schedule (Reviewed 06/05/21)

Complaints Procedure (Issued 15/11/18)

Safeguarding (Issued 07/01/16)


Training (Issued 15/11/18)

Code of Conduct (Adopted minute 220407/8.1)

Councillors  Register of Interests


General Information

VAT for Local Authorities 

Transparency Code

Governance & Accountability

Powers & Duties

Local Plan