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10/09/23 Playground Open

07/09/23 Update Playground Status Closed

The third Post Installation Report has been approved and we are now waiting for the contractor to complete their final handover process, remove the fencing etc.  Once completed we will update the status here for information and pay the bill.

24/08/23 Update Playground Status Closed

The Chairman has called an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting for 31/08/23 19:30 to consider the  third Post Installation Report and signed JCT Contract from the contractor.

22/08/23 Update Playground Status Closed

We have now received the third Post Installation Report and signed JCT Contract from the contractor.  These have been circulated to parish cllrs for consideration.  Once all cllrs have reviewed these documents they will make a decision on the playground handover and opening from the contractor.

 09/08/23 Update Playground Status Closed 

Today the council has ordered a repeat Post Installation Report hopefully to be undertaken next week.  Thanks to everyone for their patience.

01/08/23 Update Playground Status Closed

Today the contractor has advised they hope to have their installer on site soon with the new parts.  Once confirmed installed the council will engage a further independent inspection and assuming all issues have successfully been addressed the playground will reopen.  For information the council will not settle the bill until the works pass independent inspection.


19/07/23 Update Playground Status CLOSED

The Contractor advised 17/07/23 "Parts ordered to make the unit compliant will be dispatch from our factory on the 31st July and will be fitted as soon as possible when they arrive".

30/06/23 Update Playground Status CLOSED

The Contractor has today confirmed they will install higher walls on the Multi play Toddler Unit as their solution to meet the requirements of BSEN1176.

27/06/23 Update Playground Status CLOSED 

The Parish Council met this morning to consider the Contractor's response to the five issues raised below.  It was noted the  Multi play Toddler Unit regardless of the Post Installation Report Risk Rating it has NOT been installed to EN1176 contrary to contractual requirement AND contrary to the Post Installation Inspection Report criteria stating:-

"The following standards are relevant to all installations of equipment that are publicly accessible to users; this includes public parks, pay and play
parks, schools, nurseries, public houses, holiday parks, indoor play centres, farm parks etc. All equipment used or employed in publicly
accessible areas should meet with the requirements of the relevant standards (listed below):
BS EN 1176 Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 & 11 Playground equipment intended for permanent installation outdoors & indoors".

Currently the Post Installation Report states the Multi play Toddler Unit:-

Item: Multi Play (Toddler)
Manufacturer: Kompan Ltd
Surface Type: Wet Pour
Surface Nominal Depth: 75mm
Item Quantity: 1
Equipment Compliance: No
Surface Area Compliance: Yes

It was agreed to reiterate to the Contractor the contractual requirement for the compliance requirements with BSEN1176.

02/06/23 Update - Playground Status CLOSED

Post Installation Report 

Issues remaining outstanding identified in second Post Installation Report raised today with contractor:-

Dear ...,

 Please find attached latest Post Installation Report.

 The Parish Council reviewed the report when it met yesterday and instructed me to raise the following:- 

  1. Finding (2) – Please provide your Design Risk Assessment in respect of the proximity of the access path to the playground running adjacent to the Outdoor Gym equipment.
  2. Finding (3) – issues with the surface finishes resulting in potential trips / ankle roll injuries – see contractual terms Tender Specification 4.11.2 & 9.2.
  3. Guarantee the new pedestrian gate complies with regulations governing the closing speed.
  4. Multi play Toddler Unit”… the height of the barriers (550mm) are now insufficient to meet the requirements of BS EN 1176…” – see contractual terms Tender Specification 9.2.
  5. Guarantee the ground clearance of the Bouncing Facility bed as specified in BS EN 1176.

Once these matters have been addressed the Council would be grateful for a site visit with a representative to review the mitigation works prior to undertaking a further Post Installation Report.

 Look forward to hearing further.


19/05/23 Update - Playground Status CLOSED

Today the council has placed an order for a repeat Post Installation Report following additional works by the Contractor.  Once the council has received and reviewed it they will be in a position to make a decision on opening the new playground.  Until then thank you for your patience.


15/05/23 Update - Playground Status CLOSED

The Contractor's Installers are back on site addressing issues.  Once they are ready they will re-book the Surfacers and then we should be ready for re- inspection.  Mean while the site remains closed and should be secured with Herris fencing.


12/05/23 Update - Playground Status CLOSED

Post Installation Report 

The Council's Adventure Playground Post Installation Report has raised issues with the new playground and has been passed to the contractor to address.

The contractor is responsible under the Terms of their contract for site security - see Tender Specification below.

An announcement will be made here when the playground is opened.



As part of the Development Section 106 Open space contribution the Parish Council has secured funding for the refurbishment of the Adventure Playground next door to Willow Rise, Witheridge.

The Parish Council are seeking Tenders for the delivery of this project, full details of the project and tendering process are included in the Tender Specification here:-


Tender Document 

 JCT contract 

The Parish Council decided to award the Tender to Kompan at the October Parish Council Meeting.

Pictorial Design Layouts

Equipment Specs


North Devon Council Section 106 Funding Agreement T&Cs