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Shobrooke Parish is a member of Devon County Council (DCC) Parish Path Partnership Scheme.

A pdf showing the footpaths in the parish is available to view here

This scheme is designed to ensure that the entire rights of way network is legally defined, properly maintained and well publicised.  

The scheme is funded by DCC and the Parish Council receives a grant each year to undertake rights of way work.  Each year before the grant is awarded, the Footpath Warden walks all the parish footpaths in order to carry out an assessment to determine the condition of the paths and to identify any work that may be required.

Shobrooke Parish has just over 11 miles of footpaths which are well--used and generally well-maintained.

To ensure greater accessibility,  there is currently a programme of works to replace stiles with pedestrian gates were possible.

If you notice a problem with a parish path, or have any queries, please contact the Footpath Warden, Carole Maher on 01363 772067