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Action Plan May 2019 – April 2020 (this was not reviewed in 2020 due to covid-19)

  • To have regard to the safety and interests of parishioners as a primary consideration in all council activities
  • To maintain and improve parish footpaths and report work required, as part of Devon County Council’s Parish Partnership Scheme
  • To continue to request improvements to the dog waste collection service
  • To maintain the adopted BT Kiosk as a resource for the Parish
  • To maintain the defibrillator
  • To consider improvements to parishes noticeboards and other council property as necessary
  • To monitor the safety of the playground equipment and consider upgrades to playground equipment as necessary
  • To support the maintenance of the war memorial
  • To ensure continued compliance with the relevant current legislation and to promote openness and transparency through the use of various communication media.
  • To ensure all council policies and procedures are reviewed annually and updated as necessary
  • To consider planning applications in the interest of parishioners
  • To continue to support the Raddon Hills Group of Parishes
  • To promptly acknowledge correspondence within 14 calendar days and to provide a full response within 30 calendar days.
  • To continue to develop links with, and work with, Devon County Highways, including Footpaths, Devon and Cornwall Police and Mid Devon District Council including planning
  • To continue to develop links with, and support where possible, local parish organisations such as the village hall, churchyard and local community travel organisations
  • To ensure equality of treatment of parishioners in line with legislation.
  • To ensure the action plan is reviewed annually at the annual parish meeting in May to ensure any appropriate action has been taken


Date of review:           May 2019

Date of next review:   May 2021