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Opening on Saturday 4 July at 12pm 

Lizzie, your landlady, is delighted to announce the re-opening of the Stoodleigh Inn and says:

"I could write a massive post .....but have tried to break it down to a minimum

You will all need to have a seat inside .... the tables /chairs have been set up allowing for required distances.

No sitting/standing at the bar chatting....order drinks and return to seat.

Children welcome ... but in the garden only please ...... the play equipment will be available and it will be parents' responsibility to supervise children at all times. If weather is bad they can come into the building but must be sat with parents at all running in/out.

No food at the moment.

Hand sanitizer and antibac wipes will be provided around the pub for you to all use.

Please respect social distancing at all times.

It all sounds a very odd way to be in the pub. ...but if we all work together to do our bit it will work..."


Opening Hours:   

     Thursday:                     5 - 11pm

     Friday:                          5 - 11pm    

     Saturday:                     5 - 11pm

     Sunday:                        12 - 2pm & 7 - 10pm

Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


Sunday Lunches (not currently available): 

Sunday Lunches are available on the first Sunday of the month - enjoy a roast and a pudding for £10. Limited spaces fill quickly so please book early.  You can book for any other Sunday for a private lunch party - min 10/max 20. Ring Lizzie on the number below.

For more information about events or what the Inn has to offer, ring Lizzie Isaac on 01398 351357