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Stoodleigh Parish Hall

is a multi-purpose community venue used by local clubs and organisations as well as for private events. It is run by a management committee made up of local volunteers.



The Hall is an attractive venue for all sorts of occasions and is ideal for parties, dances (there is a stage), social events, exhibitions, meetings and some sports, for example, skittles. The photo above of the main hall from the back towards the stage shows what an ideal space it provides for any of the events. 



The Events Calendar provides information about events taking place at the Parish Hall.

For details of hiring and who to contact, please see the information at Hall Hire

The Parish Hall Management Committee members are:

Chairman:  Linda Brice - 01398 351416 

Vice Chairman - Dick Sibley

Secretary:  Geraldine Talbot - 01398 351391 or

Treasurer:  Janet Russell

Alex Hannis, Andrew Thwaites, Chris Whitehead, Geoffrey Parkman, Jill Chant, Jennifer Rowlandson, Sheila Davis and Viv Menear.


The Parish Hall AGM in 2019 was held on 19 November. The draft minutes are available at Hall AGM 2019 Minutes

The Committee is planning to carry out improvements at the Hall. For more information and an update on progress, please see the tab to the left of this page Hall Improvements.

Fundraising started in early 2015 and continues - see reports and photos at Hall Events and Fundraising.

If you have any suggestions to make or have any questions about the proposals please contact the secretary at or 351391.

The Parish Hall is a registered charity and you can find more details on the Charity Commission websiteIn line with Charity Commission guidance, the Stoodleigh Parish Hall Management Committee has provided an Annual Report for 2018.