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Welcome to the Silverton Parish Council website

This website aims to bring the best of everything that Silverton (Devon) has to offer celebrating all things good about the parish, its community, its activities and you the people who live here.



Silverton Parish Council wishes all its Parishioners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Silverton Parish Neighbourhood Plan update 

The Neighbourhood Plan has been amended to conform with the Examiner's Report and is now with MDDC.  It will go to the Cabinet meeting on the 12th December and provided it passes through Cabinet successfully, then a Referendum of the community will be asked to vote whether to accept it or not.  If the vote is in favour, it will be 'made' and become part of the MDDC Local Plan.   The date and time of the Referendum will be advertised here and posters will be put around Silverton and Ellerhayes.


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Would you like to be Councillor for Silverton Parish Council?

We currently have a vacancy on the Parish Council, if you have a couple of hours to spare each month and would like to serve your Community, please see vacancies to find out how to be co-opted onto the Council.