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The Parish Council wishes to support local groups/organisations or individuals who work within the parish/community to develop or enhance facilities available, or who contribute to the well-being of parishioners.  Grant giving is funded from annual precept income and is subject to agreement by councillors and to funds being available.

Applicants must be non-profit making or charitable.  Grants will not be made retrospectively and only one application will be considered from an organisation in any one financial year.   The financial year runs from 1 April.

The maximum grant payable in any one financial year will normally be £1,000.00. 

Any applicant wishing to make an application in excess of this figure must contact the Clerk to discuss the option of applying to the council for a 3-year (maximum) Service Level Agreement (SLA).  Unless a 3-year SLA has been agreed, organisations will not automatically be entitled to funding each year – a separate grant application will be required for each year.

Any applicant awarded a maximum grant of £1,000.00 will be allocated a council member who will act as a link with the council. 

When to Apply

Applications are generally only considered once a year.  All applications should be submitted by 15 November in time for the December Budget meeting.  You will be notified of the outcome of your application after the December meeting.  If successful, your grant will usually be paid in May of the following year by cheque.


  1. Applicants should have or be working towards an equal opportunities policy and demonstrate awareness of Equality legislation and Health & Safety requirements.
  2. Applicants must have independently audited accounts and submit an audited financial statement with their application. If you are a new organisation with no accounts, please submit a cash flow forecast
  3. The applicant’s aims and objectives must be clear and show the direct benefit to Newton St Cyres parish/community and/or the lives of people within the Newton St Cyres parish/community.
  4. Applicants must have a constitution or equivalent to submit with their application. Groups working together to run a project may be considered without a separate constitution but must have a separate bank account. Future applications will require the group to be constituted.
  5. Applicants must be non-profit making/charitable organisation operating within the parish of Newton St Cyres. Organisations should be registered as a charity, but non-registered organisations will still be eligible if a management committee is in place and all other criteria are met.
  6. Applicants must have a bank/building society account with at least two signatories.
  7. The Parish Council reserves the right to publish details of any grant funding given and projects supported.


If you meet the eligibility criteria above, please submit your application be in writing, stating what the grant is required for, how the grant will benefit the parish/community or the lives of people within the community and state the amount of grant requested.

Applications to the Clerk:

Mrs Jane Hole, The Cellar, Pump Street, Newton St Cyres, EX5 5BY.  Tel: 01392 851148


If you need assistance with your application, please contact the Clerk.


You must use the grant within one year for the purpose for which they were given.  Any delays with project timescales must be reported to the Clerk.  The Council may request details of the progress of the project and may require proof of expenditure.  Unspent grants may have to be repaid.

Date of last review:               May 2018

Date of next review:             May 2019