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06/01 Council (WPH) Agenda Minutes
20/01 Council (CMPH) Agenda  Inquorate
03/02 Council (WPH) Agenda  Minutes
03/03 Council (WPC) Agenda  Minutes
17/03 Council (CMPH) Cancelled  
07/04 Annual Parish Meeting (19:00) (WPH) Agenda  
07/04 Council (19:30) (WPH) Agenda  Minutes 
05/05 Annual Council (WPH) Agenda Minutes
02/06 Council (WPH) Agenda Minutes
07/07 Council (WPH) Agenda Minutes
Aug Recess    
01/09 Council (WPH) Agenda  
06/10 Council (WPH)    
03/11 Council (WPH)    
17/11 FGP Committee    
01/12 Council (WPH)    



WPC - Witheridge Parish Hall

CMPH - Meeting at Cruwys Morchard Parish Hall 

FGP     - Finance & General Purposes

Minutes of meetings are available on-line usually within 2 weeks of the meeting taking place.