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Stoodleigh Cricket Club play on the village ground, next to the Church Path.

Both the cricket and view are worth seeing.


If you are interested in playing please contact the secretary, Matt Shaw, on 01884 881763 or 07800 682543.


In 2019, Stoodleigh Cricket Club played in the West Somerset Cricket League, Division 2 - see their website for games and results. 

The Club also played matches- Friendly Fixtures -  with other local cricket teams.

As soon as it's possible for any 2020 Matches to take place, and dates are available, a link will be published on this page.




The team in 2015   and a team from the 1950's


Cricket has been played in Stoodleigh for over 150 years - the earliest record found is a report in the Tiverton Gazette concerning a match played on Wednesday 5 October 1859.

End of the Club's first season. Last match was between Mr W Saunders' side and Mr E Sears' side

MR SAUNDERS' Side   Score  MR E SEARS' Side  Score
W Saunders b Sears 0 E Sears b Saunders 8
W Nicholls b Bray 8 Bray b Saunders    6
T Stoyel b Sears 0 Sheppard n.o. 3
Bowers b Sears    9 Jennings b Nicholls 0
York b Sears c Pidcock  0 Pidcock b Saunders 0
Calaway n.o. 3 Escott b Saunders 1
Norrish b Sheppard 4 Marley b Nicholls  0
Parker b&c Dray      0 Weeks b Nicholls   3
     Stoyel b Nicholls  0
(3 absent)     Total 24 (2 absent) Total 21


                   "The bowling and fielding on both sides was very fair"