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Thursday 19 March

As we self-isolate, the mass media - TV, Internet, newspapers and social media are busy covering the national and international Coronavirus news.  However, there is also a very important need to ensure everyone in the village is kept informed on practical local matters that directly affect our individual daily lives during this constantly changing, difficult time. 

So, please do keep checking the Village Website.  Why not add  to your browser bookmarks?

Below are some key related points.

Nymet Roland Volunteer Group

Being in physical isolation, means there is a crucial need to ensure that as a community, we really do all try to look out for each other as best we can.

Two weeks ago Emily Corden took the initiative. She contacted a number of people in the village, kindly offering help. This is for those who may have difficulty with priorities such as grocery shopping, collecting prescriptions, keeping an eye open or simply a phone call to say hello.   

Emily is now also very busy home schooling her young family, but a number of volunteers have kindly offered to help her.  Clearly the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are widespread, very fast paced and difficult to keep up with it all.  So it’s important to appreciate that faced with half empty supermarket shelves and no local on-line shopping slots, these volunteers will be sometimes hard pressed to meet these requests.  Nonetheless, they are willing to do what they can to help.  However, of course this must be done without putting themselves or their families at risk,

All the volunteers live in the village, and will be known to many of us. If the situation eventually demands, I have agreed with the Lapford Volunteer Group, that will be the time to ask for their help.  To avoid any confusion, their contact details will be published then.

If you feel you need help, please ask someone. For your information, the dedicated number for the Nymet Volunteer Group is - 07835 040165

Council Matters

Mid Devon County Council have self-isolation staff shortages and recently made a number of announcements you should be aware of.

  • Food Recycling Bins - for the foreseeable future, these will be collected on a fortnightly basis along with the general refuse collections every other Monday.
  • Recycling Centres – are all closed for the foreseeable future
  • Bulletins on Refuse Collection – including guidance of Covid-19 waste services


Devon County Council are inviting subscribers to register for the Keep Me Informed Newsletter at


Thank you for your help and keep safe,

Anthony Odhams

Chairman - Nymet Roland Parish Council