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Friday 3 July

The Boundaries Commission are asking local people to comment on their draft recommendations for new ward boundaries across Mid Devon District Council

  •  In order to bring a better balance in terms of voter numbers, the Boundaries Commission is reviewing the size and boundaries of each ward in the country.
  • As part of that process, it is asking for input of relevant factors from anyone within their current ward.  This may include factors such as electorate size and the way local resources and facilities can best serve the community – such as schools, roads etc.
  • The Commission ‘gives equal weight to all submissions, regardless of whom they are from’.  Submissions will be considered on the basis of their individual content and relevance.
  • The Commission proposes that our current ward – Taw, is reduced somewhat in the North and expanded to the South to become Upper Yeo and Taw.  This bigger ward would be represented by two district councillors who will fill the role originally held by the late Cllr John Daw.  
  • For more information please refer to the MDDC website. If you go to  there is also an interactive map that you can tick boxes to show the parishes, the existing and proposed wards.  
  • For guidance on how to propose a new ward.  Please refer to
  • The final recommendations from the Commission will be published 30th October ’20 and elections for the appointment of councillors are due to be held in May 2021. 
  • An important thing to remember in all this, is that when the election time comes next spring, everyone needs to ensure they vote for the candidate who they believe really knows and understands this community and will best represent us.

 If you wish to make a comment on line, at  the latest deadline is the 20th July 2020

 Anthony Odhams

Chairman – Nymet Rowland Parish Council