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Newton St Cyres Parish Council

Notice of Meeting of Parish Council

Dear Councillors

I hereby give notice that a Meeting of the above-named Parish Council will be held Council will be held in the Club Room, Parish Hall on Thursday 4 November 2021 at 7.00pm. 

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the Business to be transacted at the meeting set out hereunder. 

Dated this 29 October 2021

Signed                        Jane Hole

Clerk to the Parish Council             01392 851148


Public Participation

Public Question Time.  Members of the public are invited to give their views and ask questions on issues on this agenda or to raise issues for future consideration by the Parish Council.

Formal Business  

(Members of the public may not take part in the formal business of the Parish Council except under special circumstances) 

01/11/21      Apologies - To receive apologies 

02/11/21      Declaration of Interest

2.1                 Register of Interests.  Councillors to update as required

2.2                 Personal Interests.  Councillors must declare any personal interest in items on the agenda and their nature.

2.3                 Prejudicial Interests.  Councillors must declare any prejudicial interest in items on the agenda and their nature and they must leave the meeting for that agenda item. 

03/11/21      Minutes of the last meeting held on Thursday 7 October 2021 (previously circulated)

To be agreed and signed as a true record 

04/11/21      Mid Devon District Council

4.1                 Planning Applications:

21/01983/HOUSE - Installation of 14 photovoltaic panels to stable roof at East Holme Farm, Newton St Cyres, EX5 5BS

21/01942/HOUSE - Erection of extensions to form porch and office, installation of roof mounted solar panels and formation of store over garage at 14 Kingfisher Close, Newton St Cyres, EX5 5DH

4.2                 Planning Decisions:

21/01388/LBC - Listed Building Consent for the installation of 14 photovoltaic panels to stable roof at East Holme Farm, Newton St Cyres – grant permission

21/01405/FULL - Erection of dwelling following demolition of agricultural building utilising the Class Q fallback position at (Barn) Hill Farm, Newton St Cyres – grant permission  

4.3                 Air pollution monitor – monitoring is still taking place and results for 2021 will be available in 2022

4.4                 To note planning meet and greet with new Development Manager – see below

4.5                 Update on planning application at old school site

4.6                 District Councillor, Cllr G Barnell, to report on MDDC business relevant to the Parish


05/11/21      Finance

5.1                 Parish Council Receipts Current Account:  None

5.2                 Parish Council Payments Current Account:




Amount £


NSC Parish Hall

Hire of Hall



NSC Football Club

Grant towards equipment




Attendance at conference



Simon Saunders

Grass cutting parish and churchyard



J Hole

Salary and expenses






 5.3               To approve signatures for this month’s cheques 

5.4                 Balances (after above transactions)

5.4.1              Parish Council Current Account balance: £15,374.76

5.4.2              Footpath Account: £268.02 

5.4.3              Car Park resurfacing fund balance: £7,514.59

5.5                 Financial Statement and Budget Monitor (attached)

06/11/21      Matters raised by the Chair

6.1                 Neighbourhood Plan.  To note MDDC consultation on the designation of a Neighbourhood Area which runs from 1 to 29 November – details circulated. To consider next step and possible use of consultants

6.2                 Update on Affordable Housing – to note email from MDDC re Community Led Affordable Housing – circulated separately


07/11/21      Councillor’s Reports            

7.1                 Areas of Responsibility reports

7.1.1              Allotments – update

7.1.2              Surgery -  Report from October surgery – next surgery 13 November

7.1.3              Report from Raddon Hills Meeting

7.1.4              Maintenance of rain gauge – report that plastic guarding needs replacing – forwarded to EA for action.                      

08/11/21      Clerk’s Report - none       


09/11/21      Parish Council

9.1                 Climate – update from Climate Officer and to consider tree planting – to identify potential locations or landowners in the parish to approach

9.2                 Road Warden Scheme – To note grant of £1,000.00 has been awarded from DCC Highways.  Grant requested was £3,704.00. To consider funding shortfall and update on storage options for possible trailer.

9.3                 Update on Langford Road TRO and issues

9.4                 Neighbourhood Policing – to consider submissions to Scrutiny Committee 

10/11/21      Devon County Council

10.1               Outstanding Highways issues (see below)

10.2               New Highway issues  

Sand Down Lane road sign is not readable

10.3               To note contractors will use Parish Hall car park to store equipment while installing pedestrian crossing

10.4               To note Highways Town and Parish Conference – details circulated separately

10.5               County Councillor, Cllr M Squires, to report on DCC business relevant to the parish 

11/11/21      Miscellaneous Correspondence

Various newsletters circulated 

12/11/21      Minor Matters and Items for Future Agenda

Each Councillor is requested to use this opportunity to report minor matters of information not included elsewhere on the agenda and to raise items for future agendas.  Councillors are respectfully reminded that this is not an opportunity for debate or decision making.


13/11/21      Date of next PC meeting: Thursday 2 December 2021, 7pm in the Club Room, Parish Hall

End of Formal Business - Public Participation


Agenda Item 4.4

Dear all,

 I am very much looking forward to meeting with you and welcome any questions you may have. As the new DM Manager here I am keen to maintain engagement with you and help assist you with any planning matters that you would like clarity on or information. This first session will be a welcome introduction for us to meet each other and discuss anything that you think you would like some training in, and then we can arrange further sessions accordingly. I look forward to seeing you all soon"


Development Manager


Please note this is a meet and greet session via zoom on 25 November at 2pm with Angharad so that she can understand what support the Parish's need in respect of Planning matters. From this training will be arranged which again, will be open to both clerks and councillors.  Just to confirm the initial meeting is NOT a planning training session.


Agenda Item 5.6

Budget monitor

 Agenda Item 10.1 - Outstanding Highways issues


  • Speed restrictions in Station Road – SCARF re test requested – with Cllr M Squires/NHM to action
  • Request for a School sign in Station Road and possible zig-zag lines outside the school. With NHM to consider a sign and or a SCARF retest
  • Relocate grit bin from outside old school to Tytheing Close – no update
  • Salt bin for Kingfisher Close – Cllr M Squires confirmed the request had been submitted.
  • Gateway to Mid Devon sign
  • Broken street lights on Village Green – fixed
  • Hedge by Belluno – has now been cut