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Newton St Cyres Parish Council

Notice of Meeting of Parish Council

Dear Councillors

I hereby give notice that a Meeting of the above-named Parish Council will be held remotely using Zoom on Thursday 6 May 2021 at 7.00pm.

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the Business to be transacted at the meeting set out hereunder.

Dated this 29 April 2021

Signed                       Jane Hole

Clerk to the Parish Council          01392 851148


Public Participation – please email by 6pm on Thursday 6 May for details of how to join the zoom meeting 

Business to be Transacted

(Members of the public may not take part in the formal business of the Parish Council except under special circumstances) 

01/05/21    Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

1.1                 To accept nominations for the election of Chairman – to receive the Chairman’s declarations of acceptance of office form

1.2                 To accept nominations for the election of Vice-Chairman 

Public Participation - Standing orders to be suspended

Public Question Time.  Members of the public are invited to give their views and ask questions on issues on this agenda or to raise issues for future consideration by the Parish Council.

Standing Orders re-instated


02/05/21    Apologies - To receive apologies 

03/05/21    Declaration of Interest

3.1                 Register of Interests.  Councillors to update as required within 28 days

3.2                 Personal Interests.  Councillors must declare any personal interest in items on the agenda and their nature.

3.3                 Prejudicial Interests.  Councillors must declare any prejudicial interest in items on the agenda and their nature and they must leave the meeting for that agenda item. 

04/05/21    Minutes of the last meetings held on Thursday 1 April 2021 (previously circulated)

To be agreed and signed as a true record 

05/05/21    Mid Devon District Council

5.1                 Planning Applications:     

21/00664/CAT - Notification of intention to remove 1 Holm Oak tree (T416) and reduce a single limb by 2m on 1 Cherry tree (T413) within the Conservation Area at Church of St Cyr and St Julitta Church Lane Newton St Cyres

21/00663/TPO - Application to crown lift 1 Lime tree (T415) by target pruning to 5.5m above ground level protected by Tree Preservation Order 08/00008/TPO at Church of St Cyr and St Julitta Church Lane Newton St Cyres

21/00696/LBC - Listed Building Consent for installation of a conduit and high-level sensor to monitor flow with the River Creedy to include installation of a new kiosk and associated ductwork at New Bridge, Langford Road, Langford

5.2                 Planning Decisions: None 

5.3                 To note that previously advised balance of £1,000.00 in S106 general pot was advised in error

5.4                 Old school site development – to note site visit and zoom discussion

5.5                 To note pre-planning consultation for telecommunication Mast on church tower – details circulated

5.6                 District Councillor, Cllr G Barnell, to report on MDDC business relevant to the Parish 

06/05/21    Election of Officers, Representatives and allocation of responsibilities

6.1                 A377 issues and safety

6.2                 Allotment Officer                                                          

6.3                 Arboretum Management Group                             

6.4                 Boniface Trail Representative

6.5                 Bus Shelters x 5

6.6                 Churchyard Representative                                      

6.7                 Climate Emergency Officer – new post

6.8                 Community Engagement Officer                             

6.9                 Community Speed Watch Officer                            

6.10              Development Group                                                    

6.11              Flood/Emergency Plan Integration Officer           

8.12              Highways and Railways Liaison Officer   

6.13              Link with Primary School                                           

6.14              Neighbourhood Litter Officer                                   

6.15              Neighbourhood Watch Officer        

6.16              Nextdoor Parish Representative

6.17              Noticeboards x 7

6.18              Old School site                                                

6.19              Parish Car Park Management Group                     

6.20              Parish Footpath Officer                                              

6.21              Parish Hall Representative                                        

6.22              Press Officer

6.23              Quality Council                                                             

6.24              Raddon Hills Representative x 2 plus Footpath Warden                                                                 

6.25              Recreation Ground Representative

6.26              Risk Assessments

6.27              Seats x 5

6.28              Snow Warden Co-ordinator                                     

6.29              Staff & Personnel Committee

6.30              Telephone boxes/defibrillators

6.31              Training Officer

6.32              Village Flowers and Pump in Pump Street

6.33              Village Green                                                                 

6.34              Website/Facebook Officer                                     


07/05/21    To review: (all on website unless stated)

7.1              Code of conduct – to be reviewed (waiting for MDDC to complete their review)

7.2              Co-option Policy

7.3              Community Engagement Policy

7.4              Complaints Policy

7.5              Digital and Social Media Policy

7.6              Equal Opportunities Policy

7.7              Filming and recording of Council Meeting Policy

7.8              Financial Regulations – updated and circulated

7.9              Grant Giving Policy

7.10            Health and Safety Policy Statement

7.11            Media Communication Policy

7.12            Privacy Statement

7.13            Publications Scheme

7.14            Signs on Village Green Policy

7.15            Standing Orders – updated and circulated

7.16            Statement of Internal Control Policy

7.17            Terms of Reference for Committees

7.18            Training Policy

7.19            Contents of Councillors’ Reference Pack

7.20            Parish Council’s Acton plan – requires updating

7.21            Risk Assessments

7.22            Asset Register

7.23            To agree payment of employee membership of SLCC (approx. £60.00 shared cost)

7.24            To agree Travel and Subsistence Allowances (in line with HMRC recommendations)

7.25            To confirm dates of Council Meetings inc APM up to December 2022 – see below

7.26           Bank Mandate and Signatures  - to consider switching to internet banking

7.27           To agree insurance – summarised below – full details circulated separately


8/05/21    Finance

8.1              Parish Council Receipts Current Account:  




Amount £



Precept (1st instalment)



Western Power





Allotment rent



8.2              Parish Council Payment Current Account:




Amount £



Membership Fee (direct debit set up)




Affiliation fees




Training webinar for Clerk



Information Commissioner

Data Protection registration




Bench for Village Green (grant received)



V Safety

PPE for volunteers (part order)



Parish Hall

Grant - £1,000.00 plus Wifi - £200.00



Recreation Ground

Grant - £1,000.00 plus annual payment



Reserve Account

Car park resurfacing fund



J Hole

Salary and Expenses







To be agreed




8.3             To approve signatures for this month’s cheques

8.4             Balances (after above transactions):       

Parish Council Current Account balance: £16,428.69, Footpath Account: £388.02 and Car Park resurfacing fund balance: £6,514.23

8.5              Financial Statement and Budget Monitor - attached

8.6              Annual Return – to note completion including internal audit

8.6.1           Annual Return - approve Part 1 Annual Governance Statement 2020/21

8.6.2           Annual Return - approve Part 2 Accounting Statements 2020/21

8.6.3           To sign Certificate of Exemption stating that during 2020/21 the higher of the authority’s income for the year or gross annual expenditure did not exceed £25,000     

8.7              To review insurance cover – summarised below – full details circulated 

09/05/21    Matters raised by the Chair – none                      

10/05/21    Councillor’s Reports        

10.1              Areas of responsibility reports

10.2              Annual Council Newsletter                        

11/05/21    Clerk’s Report  - none 

12/05/21    Parish Council

12.1              To consider any training requirements

12.2              Sampling of water quality – see email below

12.3              To consider Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) – details circulated 

13/05/21    Devon County Council

13.1              Outstanding Highways issues (see below)

13.2              New DCC issues

13.3              To agree and sign Community Road Warden Scheme Agreement - circulated

13.4              Report from Cllr M Squires 

14/05/21    Miscellaneous Correspondence – list available at meeting

Community Risk Management Plan for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue – circulated          


15/05/21    Minor Matters and Items for Future Agenda

Each Councillor is requested to use this opportunity to report minor matters of information not included elsewhere on the agenda and to raise items for future agendas.  Councillors are respectfully reminded that this is not an opportunity for debate or decision making. 

16/05/21    Date of next meeting: Thursday 3 June 2021 in the Main Room at the Parish Hall, 7.00pm 

End of Formal Business - Public Participation 


Agenda Item 5.5   

Agenda Item 7.8     

Agenda Item 7.16   


Agenda item 7.26

Dates of meeting in 2022

Thursday February 3

Thursday March 3

Thursday April 7

Thursday May 5 – Annual PC Meeting

Thursday June 2

Thursday July 7

Thursday September 1

Thursday October 6

Thursday November 3

Thursday December 1

To agree date for Annual Parish Meeting


Agenda Item 7.28

Insurance quotes

Our current 3 year agreement ends on 31 May 2021


One year Premium


Three year Premium




350.00 plus


Estimate of premium only – full quote to follow




Includes Parish online if 3 year agreement taken




£382.03 – 5 year premium


Agenda Item 8.5

Budget Monitor 


Agenda Item 8.6


Agenda Item 12.2

Good Morning Jim
In light of the Panorama expose last evening regarding "illegal" activities of water co with regard to their permits for sewage, I thought I would make you aware of the following. On behalf of the West Country Rivers Trust, as a volunteer (and retired Environment Officer for the Envt Agency) I am undertaking regular sampling of these two watercourses.

The results will be available from the Trust in due course but it was my intention to provide a briefing to the PC when we have a quantity of data, in a few months time. Of course if we or anyone else observes obvious signs of pollution they should inform the Envt Agency directly on their incident hotline 0800 807060. I note that the pumping station by the bridge on station road has had notifiable incidents in the past.
By monitoring on a regular basis we may be able to provide impetus to SWW, local landowners etc to take action to improve water quality for the benefit of all who value this asset in our community.
Happy to answer any queries if you would like to pass this on at your next PC meeting.
Kind regards


Agenda Item 12.3


Agenda Item 13.1 - Outstanding Highways issues

  • Speed restrictions in Station Road – SCARF re test requested – with Cllr M Squires
  • Request for a School sign in Station Road and possible zig-zag lines outside the school – declined - requested this is re-considered. Cllr M Squires to check if PC can put up sign
  • Request for a Road Safety audit on A377 in centre of village
  • Drain cover on A377 – passed to BT as a fault
  • Relocate grit bin from outside old school to Tytheing Close
  • School Hill – clear grass etc back from pavement
  • Lower pavement on the bus stop side of Tytheing Close to facilitate easier access
  • Salt bin for Kingfisher Close
  • Reminder painted speed signs on A377 – see below

    If this request is in relation to the 30mph limits at either Newton St Cyres or at Half Moon, then no speed limit reminder road markings cannot be used within any street lit 30mph area. Speed limit repeater signs are only permitted within a 30mph restricted road where there is no system of street lighting in place. Introducing non permitted signage would mean that any speed enforcement could be subject to challenge. An exception to this would be the use of electronic vehicle activated speed signage (VAS). Devon County Council has a limited number of mobile VAS signs that are rotated around communities. And this could be considered for Newton St Cyres and/or Half Moon.

Agenda Item 13.3