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Newton St Cyres Parish Council

Notice of Meeting of Parish Council

Dear Councillors

I hereby give notice that a Meeting of the above-named Parish Council will be held remotely using Zoom on Thursday 4 March 2021 at 7.00pm. 

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the Business to be transacted at the meeting set out hereunder. 

Dated this 26 February 2021

Signed       Jane Hole

Clerk to the Parish Council          01392 851148 

Public Participation – please email by 6pm on Thursday 4 March for details of how to join the zoom meeting 

Public Participation

Public Question Time.  Members of the public are invited to give their views and ask questions on issues on this agenda or to raise issues for future consideration by the Parish Council.

Formal Business 

(Members of the public may not take part in the formal business of the Parish Council except under special circumstances)

01/03/21     Apologies  

To receive apologies

02/03/21     Declaration of Interest

2.1              Register of Interests.  Councillors to update as required

2.2              Personal Interests.  Councillors must declare any personal interest in items on the agenda and their nature.

2.3              Prejudicial Interests.  Councillors must declare any prejudicial interest in items on the agenda and their nature and they must leave the meeting for that agenda item.


03/03/21     Minutes of the last meeting held on Thursday 4 February 2021 (previously circulated)

To be agreed and signed as a true record 

04/03/21     Mid Devon District Council

4.1              Planning Applications:

21/00220/CAT- Notification of intention to remove 3 Ash trees within a Conservation Area at Coburg Cottage, Pump Street, Newton St Cyres

4.2              Planning Decisions:            

20/02130/HOUSE - Erection of an extension to carport, conversion of carport to garage, alterations to parking bay and driveway with associated landscaping at 1 Kingfisher Close Newton St Cyres Exeter Devon EX5 5DH – grant permission

20/01584/MOUT – Revised Drawings and additional information for outline for the erection of a 50 bedroom nursing home at Langford Park Nursing Home Langford Road Langford – grant permission

4.3              To note MDDC call for sites to inform the Local Plan

4.4              To note 2020 pollution monitor results for the A377 in Newton St Cyres – see below

4.5              District Councillor, Cllr G Barnell, to report on MDDC business relevant to the Parish 

05/03/21     Finance

5.1              Parish Council Receipts Current Account:

DALC - £110.00 Grant re Raddon Hills              

5.2              Parish Council Payment Current Account:





Amount £


Friends of NSC

Re issue as previous cheque is out of date



AJ Carpenter

New posts and refix marker at Langford Bridge



Sign Express

Updated Resilience shed signs



J Hole

Salary and expenses (incl. grant re Raddon Hills)







5.4              Balances (after above transactions)

5.4.1           Parish Council Current Account balance: £15.300.72

5.4.2           Footpath Account: £268.02 

5.4.3           Car Park resurfacing fund balance: £6,014.13

5.5              Financial Statement and Budget Monitor (attached) 

06/03/21     Matters raised by the Chair 

6.1              None


07/03/21     Councillor’s Reports    

7.1              Update on Coronavirus and NSC PC community response

7.2              Areas of Responsibility reports

7.3              To agree specification for new bench for village green – suggestions circulated                  

08/03/21     Clerk’s Report     


09/03/21     Parish Council

9.1              To note any update on speeding on the A377.  Links to accident statistics given below

9.2              To note plans for pedestrian crossing – email circulated

9.3              To note date for Annual Parish Meeting – Thursday 11 March 7pm via zoom – agenda below

9.4              To note application to DCC Community enhancement Fund for a salt bin for Kingfisher Close

9.5              Update on “Gateway to Mid Devon” proposal

9.6              To note invitation from Crediton Town Council to attend a meeting re future planning for Crediton on 16 March                  

10/03/21     Devon County Council

10.1            Outstanding Highways issues (see below)

10.2            New Highway issues

Can the pavement on the bus stop side of Tytheing Close be lowered to facilitate easier access by pedestrian using a walking frame

School Hill – overgrown and needs clearing

Stone work above A377 near pedestrian bridge

10.3            County Councillor, Cllr M Squires, to report on DCC business relevant to the parish 

11/03/21     Miscellaneous Correspondence         

Any correspondence will be available at the meeting.                       

12/03/21     Minor Matters and Items for Future Agenda

Each Councillor is requested to use this opportunity to report minor matters of information not included elsewhere on the agenda and to raise items for future agendas.  Councillors are respectfully reminded that this is not an opportunity for debate or decision making. 

13/03/21     Date of next PC meeting:           

Thursday 1 April 2021, 7pm – via zoom

Date of Annual Parish Meeting: Thursday 11 March 2021

End of Formal Business - Public Participation 


Agenda item 4.4

The Net NO2 µg/m³ results per month for 2020 were as follows:




























The monitor measurers Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) pollution.  40 µg/m3 is the annual objective.


Agenda item 9.3

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Thursday 4 April 2019
  3. Chairman’s Report
  4. Presentation by James Anstee (Devon County Council Road Safety Manager) on road safety in the parish, followed by questions from the public
  5. Plans for Pedestrian Crossing
  6. Parish Council Financial Statement for year ending 31 March 2021
  7. Presentation of Community Award
  8. Public Participation/Questions


Agenda Item 10.1 - Outstanding Highways issues

  1. Speed restrictions in Station Road – SCARF re test requested – with Cllr M Squires
  2. Request for a School sign in Station Road and possible zig-zag lines outside the school – declined - requested this is re-considered. Cllr M Squires to check if PC can put up sign
  3. Request for a Road Safety audit on A377 in centre of village
  4. Chapter 8 training for volunteers – on hold due to Covid
  5. Drain cover on A377 – passed to BT as a fault
  6. Relocate grit bin from outside old school to Tytheing Close


Agenda Item 10.3

Accident Statistics for the A377 (as sent by James Anstee)

Over the five year period 2015-2019, there have been 35 recorded accidents along the A377 between Cowley Bridge and the boundary of Crediton. This includes 26 Slight category injury collisions, 9 serious injury collisions and no fatalities. However as we are aware this data does not yet take account of any accidents recorded in 2020, including the recent fatalities. 

The following public webpages may also be of interest to the parish council. 

From these webpages the recorded injury collisions across the county to the end of 2019 can be viewed from: - And a more detailed overview of the A377's route performance in comparison to the rest of the County can also be viewed from the route data dashboard link below. To the end of 2018, the section of the A377 between Cowley Bridge and Crediton was ranked 39th in terms of its overall route performance.


Agenda Item 5.5

Accessibility Budget Monitor