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Agendas for Parish Council meetings already held in 2020 can be accessed from the right hand menu

Parish Council meetings for the rest of the year are as follows:


2 July 2020  - to be held remotely

6 August 2020 - only if required

3 September 2020  - remote meeting

1 October 2020 - remote meeting

5 November 2020 - remote meeting

3 December 2020 - remote meeting

The Agenda will be posted on each notice board at least three days before the meeting.  

Parish Council noticeboards are located at:

  1. Village green.
  2. Sweetham, opposite the Beer Engine.
  3. Sand Down Lane near the A377 junction
  4. Tytheing Close.
  5. Half Moon by the post box.
  6. Langford Road by the post box.
  7. Smallbrook