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Please find below links to planning applications documents held on Mid Devon District Council website applicable to Cruwys Morchard parish, which are discussed each month at our meetings, click on the application reference


21/01987/FULL - Retention of an annexe for use as holiday let at Starlings, Chapple Farm, Pennymoor

21/01723/FULL - Erection of first floor extension, extension to barn to form garage and conversion of storage building to playroom at Lower Yeadbury Farm, Pennymoor

21/01791/HOUSE - Erection of two-storey extension at South Eastway, Pennymoor

(21/01807/FULL & 21/01808/LBC) – Conversion of barn and workshop to 1 dwelling at Higher Edgeworthy, Nomansland with Listed Building Consent


21/01666/HOUSE - Erection of two storey extension at Pennymoor Cottage, Pennymoor


21/01529/HOUSE – Erection of garage at The Spinney, Pennymoor


19/01965/FULL - Retention and conversion of barn to 2 dwellings at The Shippon, Thongsliegh Farm, Pennymoor


20/00344/FULL – Erection of an agricultural workers caravan and associated access track at Hollowmoor Poultry Farm, Pennymoor

20/01293/FULL - Change of use of agricultural land for the formation of tennis court and associated fencing, North of Littel Heath, Pennymoor

JUNE 2020

20/00742/FULL -  Erection of an agricultural storage building (700sqm) opposite Menchine Farm, Nomansland

20/00755/FULL - Erection of a block of stables (Revised Scheme) at Coombeland, Pennymoor

20/00722/FULL - Erection of an equestrian feed and wash bay building at Coombeland, Pennymoor

MAY 2020

20/00381/FULL - Erection of an agricultural livestock building 714sqm (Building A) at Riggledown Farm, Pennymoor

20/00472/FULLErection of an agricultural livestock building 714sqm (Building B) at Riggledown Farm, Pennymoor

20/00515/FULL - Erection of a dairy building, access track and yard area at Riggledown Farm, Pennymoor

20/00540/FULL – Erection of an agricultural storage building and erection of extension to yard area ay Chapple Farm, Pennymoor

20/00594/MFUL – Erection of 5 poultry units; biomass boiler unit; attenuation pond; access track; hardstanding; landscaping and associated infrastructure at Edgeworthy Farm, Nomansland

APRIL 2020

20/00349/FULL - Erection of a block of 8 stables at Coombeland, Pennymoor

20/00449/FULL - Change of use of agricultural land for the siting of a rural worker's caravan and associated hardstanding at Coombelan, Pennymoor

20/00508/HOUSE - Erection of porch at High Banks, Pennymoor


20/00210/HOUSE - Erection of single storey and two storey rear extensions at 9 Moor View, Pennymoor

19/01890/FULL - Retention of converted building to 2 bedroom live/work unit at South Eastway View, Pennymoor


19/01210/FULL - Conversion of barn to dwelling and conversion of barn to garage/workshop, Eastland, Pennymoor

APRIL 2019

19/00075/MFUL - Erection of an agricultural education/training facility to include demolition of farm buildings; erection of 5 buildings comprising of 20 residentail apartments for service users; alterations to convert existing buildings to create classrooms and office suites; formation of an access track and overspill car park at Kelly Farm, Nomansland.

19/00440/FULL - Removal of condition 3 of planning permission 06/01191/FULL to reinstate permitted devlopment rights at The Hunnypot, Higher Yeadbury, Pennymoor

19/00477/HOUSE - Conversion of store to two storey annexe at Chapple Farm, Pennymoor

19/00544/FULL - Erection of an agricultural storage barn at Chapple Farm, Pennymoor

MARCH 2019

19/00183/HOUSE - Erection of double car port and workshop, Chapple Barn, Pennymoor

19/00317/PNCOU - Prior notification for the change of use of an agricultural building to 1 residential dwelling at South Eastway, Pennymoor


18/01686/FULL - Construction of steps and decking at Coombeland, Pennymoor

18/01687/LBC - Same as above for Listed Building consent


18/01750/FULL - Erection of timber agricultural store/office on land West of Ruckham Farm, Pennymoor

18/01880/FULL - Removal of condition 2 of planning permission 09/00756/FULL relating to the agricultural building at Windmill Farm, Pennymoor

MAY 2018

18/00579/CLU - Certificate of lawfulness for the existing use of a building as a residential ancillary accommodation, associated use of land as residential garden and pond for a period in excess of 4 years at Longacre Pennymoor Tiverton Devon EX16 8LQ

APRIL 2018

18/00434/FULL - Erection of an agricultural storage and livestock building at Chaplle Farm, Pennymoor


17/01964/FULL - Retention of an agricultural shed, south of 1 Moor View, Pennymoor


17/01850/CLU - Certificate of lawfulness for the existing use of a dwelling in breach of Condition 1 of Planning Permission 08/01544/FULL for a period of more than 4 years, Middle Ruckham Farm, Pennymoor


17/01369/FULL - Installation of a LPG tank in churchyard at Holy Cross Church, Cruwys Morchard


17/01285/FULL – Conversion of agricultural outbuilding to dwelling, at Land and Buildings at NGR 285687 110344 Hill Farm, Pennymoor

17/01243/FULL – Erection of agricultural storage and livestock building, at Land and Buildings at NGR 284451 111211 Chapple Farm Pennymoor.

17/01334/FULL – Alterations to building including installation of pitched roof and alterations to fenestration to allow conversion of building to dwelling in accordance with Class P re 17/00870/PNCOU at The Forge, Pennymoor

JULY 2017

17/00980/FULL - Change of use of agricultural land to domestic garden and erection of garden shed, at Land and Buildings at NGR 284792 111021 Chapple Farm Pennymoor Devon

17/01137/FULL - Erection of agricultural building for the storage of farm machinery, production of honey and fruit preserves, at land at Allberry Farm, Pennymoor

(Please note that due to late arrival of this notification it was not included in the agenda for July 2017, but was discussed at the meeting in order for the parish council's decision to be submitted before the deadline in August.)


16/01917/FULLVariation of Condition (3) of planning permission 15/01571/MFUL to allow increase in size of chicken houses from a total of 5040 sq.m. to 5196 sq.m., re-positioning of boiler house and office, and amendment to entrance track layout, and Condition (5) to allow re-positioning of attenuation pond and submission of revised surface water drainage scheme | Land at NGR 283175 113696 (Menchine Farm) Nomansland 

15/01604/MFUL (Appeal)- Erection of 5 poultry units (5040 sq.m) and biomass boiler unit; formation of attenuation pond, access track, and hardstanding; landscaping; and associated infrastructure at land at Gibbet Moor Farm, Templeton

16/01938/HOUSE - Erection of a two-storey extension at Keldar View, 2 Wayside, Pennymoor


16/01375/FULLErection of a replacement dwelling and alteration to vehicular access, Hill Bungalow, Pennymoor.

16/01308/FULL – Erection of a replacement building for engineering business, South Eastway Farm, Pennymoor


16/00998/HAZ - Application for the storage of up to 70,200 litres of LPG
Location: Land and Buildings at NGR 285916 112901 Tollgate Farm Nomansland 

JULY 2016

16/00809/FULLSiting of a temporary agricultural worker’s dwelling (twin unit) at Stoney Farm, Pennymoor.

JUNE 2016

16/00750/FULLVariation of condition (2) of appeal decision APP/Y1138/A/142211282 relating to planning application 13/01170/FULL to allow the substitution of previously approved plans. Land at NGR 284927 114041 (Edgeworthy Farm) Nomansland Devon

16/00564/FULL -  Retention of an agricultural access track at Land at NGR 283282 113369 (Menchine Farm) Nomansland Devon

MAY 2016


APRIL 2016

16/00435/FULL – Erection of an agricultural storage building at West Ruckham, Pennymoor

MARCH 2016

15/01604/MFUL - Erection of 5 poultry units (5040 sq. m) and biomass boiler unit; formation of attenuation pond, access track, and hardstanding; landscaping; and associated infrastructure Land at NGR 288027 116786 (Gibbett Moor Farm) Templeton Devon


16/00119/FULL & 16/00120/LBC – Conversion of existing Mill to holiday accommodation at Coombeland Mill, Pennymoor.


15/01963/CLU – Certificate of lawfulness for the continued use of agricultural building as an agricultural engineering business (Use Class B2 and B8) for a period in excess of 10 years at South Eastway Farm.

16/00027/CLU – Certificate of lawfulness for existing residential dwelling and associated use of land as residential garden for a period in excess of 10 years at Higher Yeadbury Farm, Pennymoor.