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Welcome to Parish Borders & Beyond - a new page for 2019 intended to provide access to news and information from our surrounding villages via local on-line services. 

Be aware, some local communities levy a charge for printed monthly news-letters.  Where this is the case there may be a delay of a few weeks before information is posted on-line.

I hope you find it useful and welcome any feedback or suggestions for content you would like to have included.

Many thanks.



Nymet Rowland

Nymet Rowland's monthly newsletter is called the 'Nymet Rowland Village Pump' which can be accessed, along with other local information, via The Village Pump website.

Further information on how to subscribe to the e-copy and how to access village forums is presented on this site.



Community news and events are contained in the 'Lapford Lookout', a monthly publication available via email.



Information concerning events and activities in Copplestone, Knowle and surrounds along with an on-line version of 'The Enlightener' can be found on the Copplestone Village Website.



Bow's monthly local magazine 'The Bow and Arrow'  is available to view & download c/o their facebook site will need a Facebook account to log-in and access.


North Tawton

Visit North Tawton's website to get the latest information on local news, clubs & organisations plus North Tawton events -



Posted 2nd January 2019; Updated 21st January; 2nd and 9th February 2019; 17th March.