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Saturday 13 February

Parish Councilling

This time last year, we turned another page
And got the Parish Council into the digital age
Boris said it was temporary and not all doom and gloom
So we hastily joined up to the free version of ZOOM

We had our first on line meeting, which didn’t go too well
Coz half of us lost connection and the others couldn’t tell
So there we were all talking to frozen members on the screen
And Cllr Fallstop-Symthe kept muttering something quite obscene

Still, they dressed for the occasion each and every one
With ties and hats and lippy, and not to be outdone
Cllr Fallstop-Smythe donned a feather boa and a hat
Looking rather elegant for a 6ft hairy chap

Move on 12 months and things have started to get quite slack
No dressing up with lippy, ties, or the Chairman in a hat
Cllr Fallstop-Smythe attends with gin in hand, going on a bender
And the Chairman finishes off his tea whilst munching through the agenda

Phrases like ‘You’re muted!’ are now just common place
And answering mobiles in meetings in case its track and trace
People attending meetings from their car and other places
And others sleep the whole way through, from the expressions on their faces

Sharing info on the screen can really be quite tricky
Shouting out ‘next slide please’ like a demented Chris Whitty
That member of the public who turns up to every meeting
Never knowing what they are going to do can get the heart a beating

And through it all the Clerk is trying to keep order and keep sane
And wondering if Council Meetings will ever be the same
Back to times when order used to reign the day
Hopefully we’ll be back in Village Halls for May

Carole Oliphant—January 2021