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13th March 2020 meeting postponed due to Coronavirus situation

23rd March 2020 RFO paid Clerks wages online £280

6th April 2020 email suggesting that RFO should pay DALC subscription.  Councillors MW, CY, HC, and JG replied in agreement

9th April 2020 Devon Clerks meeting online zoom attended by Clerk - if a remote meeting is held the notice of the meeting must include a link, available to the public, but Questions should be presented before the meeting, and the Question read out at the meeting by the chairman.

Councillors attendance to be recognised by audio and video if possible, at a meeting platform such as zoom.  Apologies at councils discretion for no access to internet.

Year End Accounts can be approved remotely, but must be signed, and the date of signature stated.

17th April 2020 DALC subscription paid online £106.17

21st April 2020 DALC membership renewal scanned and emailed to Cara Stobart DALC

Scribe year end accounts completed and bank reconciled to 31/3/2020

vat calculated to be reclaimed.

23rd April 2020 Devon clerks online zoom meeting attended by clerk.  For voting at a remote meeting, a spreadsheet is useful as a record.

Notes and Tips - some only available on the Pro version

  1. You do not need to subscribe to Zoom in order to participate in the meeting, just follow the link provided.  Ensure you note the meeting id and password.
  2. It works best if you can join via a computer or laptop with a camera, as it will enable to make use of all features easily.  You can also participate using your smartphone or tablet by downloading the Zoom app if a computer is not possible, but it may be a little trickier to participate.
  3. You will be asked to provide a name when you join, please provide your first name and council in brackets i.e. Carl (Tavistock). If you do not do this, I will not know who you are and will not let you into the meeting.
  4. I suggest you attempt to join a couple of minutes before the meeting is due to start, you will be held in an online ‘waiting area’ until I start the meeting.
  5. You should be prompted to test your audio when entering the meeting.  Please do this to ensure you can hear and be heard.
  6. You will find yourself muted when you enter the meeting.  You will remain muted until you are invited to speak. This is to avoid background noise with the number of participants taking part.
  7. Please, if you can, turn your video on – not only would it be lovely to see you, but it really helps you to feel engaged and participate in the meeting easily.
  8. Within 10 minutes of the meeting starting I will ‘lock’ the meeting.  Meaning that no new participants can join.  If for any reason you think you may be late joining, or need to leave and come back, please email me or alert me in the chat feature.

The AGAR deadline has been extended to 31st August 2020

approved date should be meeting date not signing date

meeting can be recorded, chairman to chair as normal, but the clerk will host the meeting on zoom.

If a remote meeting is necessary, the meeting should be shorter, and focused.

Public inspection of the accounts is deferred until September.

There is to be an addendum to the Standing Orders.

Pro zoom is £11.99 a month, but there may be a discount to Parish Councils of 50%

it is possible to remove disruptive members if necessary from a zoom meeting.

if time locked out of the free meeting zoom, everyone must be able to get back into the meeting, and therefore free option might be tricky.

when setting up, removed individuals cannot rejoin the meeting, and disable file sharing, screen sharing and chat facility.

The internal auditor will need access to finance module.