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Hockworthy Village Hall 21st July 2020


ATTENDEES Councillors:  D Southward, M Williams, T Bainbridge, H Corcoran, A Brown, C York, S Mundy

H Bainbridge (Chairman) Hazel Ridd (Clerk)



  1. Apologies, all approved the reason for absence, Cllr C Hill, vulnerable clients/family, J Gabb, self-isolating, R Maltby, away on holiday, DCC R Radford, clash with another meeting, MDDC J Norton, unwell, MDDC C Collis accident on way to meeting.
  2. Declarations of Interest – HC on the Finance Internal Auditor item.
  3. Minutes of last meeting – everyone in favour that they are signed as true record by Chairman H Bainbridge.
  4. Items to Report – 1) Neighbourhood Watch. 2) Online banking not working yet, so cheques drawn instead. 3) Doing What Matters, Phil Morgan and Parish Councillors met to map out the most used roads and any repairs or problems.
  5. Planning, 1) Huntsham telephone box, removal application 20/00974/RPPS. As there is no mobile signal, and the box is on the sustran cycle route, and now has a defibrillator in the nearby bus shelter, unanimous that is should remain as a service to the local community, even though there are few or no calls made from the telephone. 2) Luckleigh Cottage Porch 20/01053/HOUSE, no objections.
  6. Finance, 1) a) Clerk’s wages, b) Marie Curie donation request T Bainbridge proposed £25 all agreed. 2) AGAR Year End Report. a) To consider the findings of the review. b) exemption certificate signed, c) to approve the Annual Governance Statement, and signed, d) to approve the Annual Accounting Statement, and signed. 3) Precept received on 03/04/20
  7. Police report: Alert emails forwarded as appropriate- this month re livestock worrying campaign/online shopping scams
  8. See separate report from DDC Ray Radford (see website).
  9. Correspondence, letter of thanks received from CAB for the donation of £25, and A Brown proposed a donation of £30 to which all agreed.
  10. Clerks report, 1) Items paid Insurance £152.62 (tied in for 3 years), and DALC subscription £106.17. 2) Accessibility of website to cost £140 + VAT by MDDC IT department. 3) VAT reclaim to be completed £49.82
  11. Councillors reports, J Gabb, Clayhanger wall S106 claim rejected. D Southward, damage to bridge in Huntsham, Bridge inspector has been informed via Phil Morgan. T. Bainbridge, Chimney Down S106 next meeting.
  12. next meeting to be held, 15th September in Clayhanger WI Hall, and 17th November, Hockworthy Village Hall.

Chair Cllr H Bainbridge declared the meeting closed at 8:45 p.m.

Chair:                                                                                                 Signed as true and correct.