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Most Parish Councils have had contact with Phil Morgan (DCC Highway`s Officer)  on doing what matters, by the 17th July, he has to collate all the Parish Council`s request and put it into priority for funding.  


Restrictions at our recycling centres have eased, so personal vans are now allowed to bring household waste as long as it’s only the same amount that would fit in a normal sized family car or trailer.


Following on, this is an update of some of the issues relating to the

Coronavirus which is still with us, we still need to be careful and keep to social distancing.


The DCC spend on directly procured stock was £1.748m. Reimbursement of adult social care providers PPE costs stands at £1.803m


Indications are that there may be further Pandemic funding for Local Government but it seems unlikely it will cover the full cost.  Current approved and pipeline response plans already exceed the main grant of £36.7 millions by £8.5 millions, and this is without taking account of the significant loss in Council Tax our Districts are projecting.  It is imperative that as we transition from Response to Recovery, that we do so in a measured and affordable way.


“The vast majority of Devon people have behaved with great sense and responsibility throughout the pandemic and that’s meant we’ve had the lowest number of outbreaks by some way throughout the crisis.

We obviously want to keep it that way and reduce it still further. We can now build on this effort and extend the work we have done together as Team Devon to protect our residents and support the most vulnerable. Team Devon is a public and private sector partnership drawing in expertise from business, education, skills and public sector organisations, has developed the plan with the backing of business representatives.

We will now be at the forefront of responding and managing the outbreak at a local level. And if there’s a hotspot in a town or village we’ll be able to get onto it swiftly before it spreads too far.

We’ve ensured that our plan includes a strong focus on prevention and early intervention to ensure key settings such as care homes and schools and high-risk locations and communities identify and prioritise preventative measures.

“The good sense of the people of Devon has helped protect us all so far and they continue to have a vital role in reducing the spread of the virus and preventing further outbreaks.

I would urge all of us to continue to follow national guidance and advice and keep up social distancing, wash our hands regularly and, if we think we might have the virus, get a test and self-isolate if that’s necessary, we need to do all we can to avoid a second spike.”


Needless to say, this will have knock on effects to our budgets, to which the Government has said they will reimburse us, let`s see, more about this later this year.